A QPSMR function call consists of a reserved name preceded by a % sign and followed by an argument list in parentheses.

Invoking a QPSMR function causes a value to be computed from one or more arguments specified. Functions are called in arithmetic expressions and table manipulation definitions; the value computed is placed in the appropriate variable or table cell(s).

Examples of variable definitions using functions -

dw $wtan=%atan($wval),

di $ilen=%clen($cname),

di $fixed=%round($float/4)+12

dw $wtop=(2.0*%max($i3,$w4*2,20.0))+%min($w5,10.0),

dw $wsum=%tsum(#1(r1-4,c0)),

dw $mhigh=%wmax($i1,$i2,$i3,$i4),

Examples of table manipulation using functions -

mt #1=%sqrt(#1),

mt #3(c1,r1-$)=%rnk(#4(c1,r1-$)),

mt #2(r1-$)=%tex(0.0,5.0,'Low'),

mt #6=%tneg(100.0,999999.9),

mt #34a1=%tval(0.000001,9999999.9,1.0),

mt #15a=%trun(#15b),


Following is a list of QPSMR CL functions -