This searches for a particular text or value in a named worksheet column and returns the first row number that contains the target.

IMPORTANT: the row number returned starts at 1 so will be numerically one smaller that the actual row in the spreadsheet because row 1 is used for the header row that identifies the columns.

The command is one of the following -

[*DBFINDROW rowindex = fileindex;sheetname;columnname=’text’]

[*DBFINDROW rowindex = fileindex;sheetname;columnname=index]

[*DBFINDROW rowindex = fileindex;sheetname;columnname=value]

The first two above compare text, the last looks for the value.

Examples of DBFINDROW:

[*dbfindrow RejectRow = dfFile;Sheet1;Value=’Reject’]

[*set ThisName=’[dsNames.lpName]’]

[*dbfindrow NameRow = dfFile;’Details’;’Full Name’=ThisName]

[*dbfindrow RowGot = dfFile;’Question details’;’Response’=13]