Tips for using new PP

Data Set or cell references

Always enclose set references and ODBC cell references in square brackets. This avoids ambiguity and is easier to read. For example:

[*set NewIndex=[dsMine.ThisOne]]

…to get the value from the data set.

Always enclose file, worksheet and column names in quotes even if they do not contain spaces -

[*dbopen dfExcel=’MyFile.xls’]

[*dbloop dlThisRow = dfExcel;’Sheet1’;’Value’,’Name’]


[*dbopen dfAcc=’MyFile.bdb’]

[*dbloop dlRow = dfAcc;’Questions’]


Text in PP code

Always enclose text within single quotes if you want to treat it as text.

When the text in an index is referred to, always use @ to make sure that the exact text is used. For example -

[*set NewIndex=’[@MyText]’]

…to get the text from the index.

When the text in a data set is referred to always enclose in quotes. For example -

[*set NewIndex=’[dsMine.ThisOne]’]

…to get the text from the data set.

Lookup in ODBC

To use a database as a lookup table use [*DBFINDROW] and [*LAST], for example:

[*dbfindrow FoundRow = dfFile;’Sheet1’;’Response’=’NA’]

[*dbloop dlFoundRow = (FoundRow)dfFile;’Sheet1’]

[*last dlFoundRow]

[*set FoundText = dlFoundRow.’Text’]

[*dbend dlFoundRow]