Define a print style

NOTE: You must define a print style (.PRS) before you are able to print any document from QPSMR.

The "QPSMR Print Style" dialog box is used to set up different styles for printing QPSMR documents. It is accessed from the "View" window, by selecting [Print] [Styles] or from the "Main" window, by selecting [Options] [Print styles].

Print styles (.PRS) are used to control your printer, page orientation, margins, fonts, underlining and the inclusion of a logo on the printed page.

We recommend that you create 2 print styles; the first for for printing tables (using a landscape page) and the second for printing your table of Contents files (using an extra font, with each line and block of text justified to the left), see section QPSMR print style extra fonts

When you have created your print styles, we recommend they are saved in special directory reserved for storing only .PRS files. You can choose this directory by selecting [Options] [Print styles directory] from the "Main" window; each time you save, or use, a print style, QPSMR will automatically display this directory.

Existing .PRS files can be loaded, altered and saved as required. Every time you save a print style you will be asked for the name. When you have saved your print style use [Close] to exit from the "Print style" dialog box.

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For complex technical information about print style page layout, see QPSMR page spacing layout - technical information