This RCP is recommended for all setups unless binary data is used.

It causes setup files to be converted to UTF-8 and all text stored in internal files are kept as UTF-8 text.

IMPORTANT: If RCPs IDF or ITF are used in later setups these must also use UNITEXT.

All new setups should be saved as UTF-8 with BOM.  You can do this with Notepad (not WordPad).

If all your setups are UTF-8 with BOM or UTF-16 with BOM, and you use RCP UNITEXT then:

You do not need to set the Locale in the Control panel.

Your setups and tables can contain any mix of languages.

Note that if your data files contain text then they should be stored as UTF-8 with BOM or UTF-16 with BOM.

Fixed format data should be stored in a UNI (not ASC) data file if it is UTF-8 encoded.

Note that this version of CL will work with the Locale set to UTF-8.  Earlier versions will not unless all the text is English.