Introduction to QPSMR Companion 22.2

Welcome to the manual for this innovative program for Market Research.

This documentation is updated to version 22.2.2

When using the program press function key F1 to get relevant help.

See Companion suite for a description of the Companion programs and what they are for.

New Reflect (.qrfx) and old Reflect (.qrf) databases can be analysed with the main Companion program and the free to use Companion Reflect version 22.1 or above.

QPSMR Companion should be used instead of QPSMR Insight and QPSMR CATI.  The licences for these programs include the same or better functionality in QPSMR Companion.

Fixed layout data files from other sources will increasingly be UTF-8 encoded.  Open with Notepad (not WordPad) to check encoding.  If UTF-8 then rename the extension to .uni (not .asc).

In the Reference Manual, Release information, see:

Recent changes.

Some features for larger projects require an extended licence, see:

Extended facilities

For QPSMR Classic program users (Insight, and CATI), please read:

Classic users

Licence free facilities

Anyone can download the software and use the free facilities:

There are also the licence free Companion programs:


The QPSMR Companion program:

The Microsoft .NET Framework which is included with recent versions of Windows and can be downloaded from, Developer tools.

Note: When running tables the preprocessor is built into the Companion; the remainder of tables production uses QPSMR CL which is still in C++ at the moment.

Benefits of .NET

C# and the .NET Framework give the following benefits to the program:


This introduction contains the following topics:

Program description

Manual structure

The remainder of the manual consists of:

User Guide

Reference Manual

The Reference Manual also contains a list of Internet web resources.